Meeting of the editorial board members of APOCP’s Journals

Plenaries and scientific committee

Members of the Scientific Committee:

Keynote Talk: Prof. Frits Rosendaal,

COPE Council Member, the Netherlands

Prof. Le Tran Ngoan,

Editor-in-Chief of The Asian Pacific Journal of Environment and Cancer (APJEC)
International University of Health and Welfare, Japan

DR. Alireza Mosavi jarrahi,

President, Asian pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention

Editor-in-Chief ,  Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention (APJCP)

Dr. Abhishek Shankar
Editor-in-Chief of The Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Care (APJCC) 

Assistant Professor of Preventive Oncology, India


Dr. Reza Shirkoohi,
Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Biology (APJCB)

Associate Prof. of Cancer genetics, Tehran University of medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Hadi Zamanian,

Session Co-director, Chair of Health Information Technology Committee of APOCP

Assistant Professor of Health Promotion



The Editorial Board Meeting of APOCP Journals will be held as a five-sessions meeting in 9-11 and 14-15 December 2020. These five sessions are:

Session one: The opening session: (9th December 2020, 11:00 to 13). This Session is for all four journals’ board members, with the bellow Agenda:                           Click to find the time of event in your location 

Dec. 9th, 202011:00 to 11:15Welcome: Dr. Mosavi Jarrahi, APOCP presidentCancer Science specificity to Asia: 20 years experience of APJCP 
11:15: – 12:00Keynote Talk: Prof. Frits Rosendaal, COPE Council Member, the NetherlandsEthical and Professional Responsibility of Editorship
12:00 – 12:30Keynote Talk:  To be announcedThe Medical Sciences Publishing in Asia
12:30-13:00Dr. H. Zamani, APOCP’s Health Technology ModuleIntroduction to Critical Appraisal Internship program

Session 2 to 5: At next days (10, 11 and 14, 15th December), we will have four separate meetings for editorial board members of each of APOCP journals. In each two-hour session, the editor-in-chief of that journal will have a presentation about last-year report and current situation. Then at least two board members (who have submitted their presentation topic), will talk about their topic about “Suggestions to Improve“; Finally there will be a panel by editor-in-chief and two presenters, contributing all editorial board members to have a discussion on “suggestions to improve”.


Important Note: This five session, is open only to Editorial Board Members of APOCP journals.

 There are two categories of Editorial Board members participation:

  1. All Editorial board members of APOCP journals are respectfully invited to participate and contribute in this year Editorial Board Meeting. All participants must register in APOCP meeting. There is no registration fee for participation. Each session is limited to 120 participants:

To register please click here

  1. Board Members who want to have a live presentation in their specific journal session.  As mentioned in the meeting agenda, in each journal session, two or three board members are encouraged to have a presentation on a general topic (Suggestions to Improve) to present some ideas, processes, strategies, etc for improvement of that APOCP journal, regarding the quality of journal and papers, quantity of received submissions, improving citations to journal papers, improving journal rank or indexing in major databases, improving peer-review process or quality, or any other interested topic in this area. If any board member is interested in having a presentation, it is kindly requested to send their presentation topic and outlines (or an abstract), to the Session Co-Director (Dr Hadi Zamanian, email: before 5th of Dec. 2020. As well, these presenters are requested to register the meeting like the other board members.

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