The APOCP and ANCCA Joint Meeting on Cancer amid COVD 19 – Dec. 4th, 2020

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The Rational

The Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP) and the Asian National Cancer Center Alliance (ANCCA)  have joined forces to address the difficulty and issues related to the care of cancer patients during the hard time of the pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare services across the globe and cancer care delivery is not an exception. Global lockdown has largely changed the cancer care practice from hospital visits to teleconsultations to check the spread of novel coronavirus 2019 as cancer patients are more susceptible to any infection than other individuals because of their systemic immunosuppressive state caused by the malignancy and anticancer treatments.

There have been many important issues to be addressed as far as cancer care delivery in amid COVID-19 pandemic is concerned.  As this disease is very new, there is a paucity of data on experience of cancer management in this crisis from different countries and there is a need to address “The cancer care during the pandemic” in an area that direct and onsite communication is a subtle achievement.

The Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP) and the Asian National Cancer Center Alliance (ANCCA)  have joined forces to address the difficulty and issues related to the care of cancer patients during the hard time of the pandemic.

This join effort will be arranged as a half day scientific event consisting of delegate from major cancer center across Asia and Pacific Region.  The forum aim is to bring a medium of sharing experience, learning from each other and finding the strategies to improve the care of caner patients while addressing and observing the pandemics difficulties.  The meeting is open (Up to 500 people  can attend), and in the ZOOM platform.  To participate click in this button and  register

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Participating Institutes and their delegates

MalaysiaSingaporeC/CAN, MyanmarJapanIndonesia
National Cancer Institute MalaysiaNational Cancer Centre Singapore City cancer Challenge National Cancer Center JapanِDharmais Hospital – National Cancer Center 

Dr Lau Fen Nee,

Head of Department Radiotherapy and Oncology / Senior Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr. William Hwang

Medical Director, Singapore National Cancer Center

Dr. Aung Naing Soe

C/Can Asia Representative

Dr Tomohiro Matsuda

Division Chief of International Collaborative Research, Center for Public Health Science, NCC Japan

Dr. Dr. Nina Kemala Sari

Director of Medical, Nursing, and Ancillary Services
Dharmais Hospital-National Cancer Center Indonesia.

National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital, Dhaka, JDWNR Hospital Thimphu
Universityof Medical Science
Brunei Cancer CentreCancer Institute IranKathmandu Cancer Centre,

Pr Quazi Mushtaq Hussain

Director, National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr Tashi Dendup Wangdi,

Head, Dept Of Oncology JDWNR Hospital Thimphu  Professor  Surgery KGUMS  Thimphu Bhutan

Dato Dr Babu Sukumaran,

Head of the Brunei Cancer Centre

Dr. Tavakoli

Hematology-Oncology Research Center and Stem Cell Transplantation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences 

Kishore K.Pradhananga,

Kathmandu Cancer Centre, Nepal

Shokat Khanom Cancer CenterNational Cancer Institute, National Cancer Hospital, National Taiwan University HospitalLady Hardinge Medical College & Associated HospitalsYangon General Hospital 

Dr. Aasim Yusuf,

Shokat Khanom Cancer Center, Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. GIANG Nguyen Huong

Head of Department of Cancer Epidemiology, National Cancer Institute, National Cancer Hospital, Vietnam

Ching-Hung Lin

Attending Physician, Oncology Department, National Taiwan University Hospital

Dr Abhishek Shankar

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology & Founder Secretary, Indian Society of Clinical Oncology

Prof. Khin Thin Mu

Medical Oncology Department
Yangon General Hospital

Time Dur. (min)SpeakerTopic
10:30 5

1.Dr. Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi, President of  APOCP, Medical School, Shahid Behehsti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran Iran. 

2. Dr. Tomohiro Matsuda,  Welcome note from ANCCA

Welcome to the audience and country delegates
10:3520Key Note speaker : Dr Partha Basu, International Agency for Research On Cancer (IARC), World Health Organization, Lyon, FranceCOVID-19 and  Cancer Care : International and Regional impact

Dr. Laureline Gatellier,  Natinal Cancer Center, Japan

Dr. Mela Dewi, National cancer center, Indonesia

1.ANCCA presentation

2. Presentation of ANCCA manuscript based on survey in May-June)

3. Updated suggested way forward

(3 x 5’)
Low COVID incidence: Taiwan, Brunei, BhutanCountry delegates
11:3015 (3 x 5’)Mid Low: Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore
11:1515 (3 x 5’)Mid high COVID:  Myanmar, Japan, Nepal
11:3025 (5 x 5’)High COVID: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, India
11:5512C/CAN  and City of Tomorrow
12:0743Discussions and new proposals
12:5010Dr William HwangClosing