Scientific Theme

The scientific theme of the meeting covers all aspect of cancer control and prevention. There will be many sessions and halls. Specifically, the meeting has highlighted the following topics:

Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

    • Cancer registry
    • Screening and early diagnosis
    • Life style and cancer
    • Cancer statistic and statistical modeling of cancer data
    • Cancer Biology in the context of cancer control

Cancer genetics and Molecular aspect of cancer

    • Cancer vaccines
    • Chimo-prevention
    • Cancer and Environment

Cancer and Environment 

    • Carcinogenicity mechanism
    • CAREX and risk estimation
    • Carcinogens in occupational  setting
    • Climate change and cancer burden

Cancer Treatment and Management

    • Cancer cost and social aspect of cancer
    • Clinical trial and Advances in treatment
    • Cancer nursing, quality of life,
    • Cancer cost and economic burden
    • Social aspect of cancer