It is our pleasure to inform you that The 13th Regional scientific Conference of Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP-13) will be held in Tehran, Iran from April 17th to 19th, 2020. Since the foundation of APOCP in 2000, we have brought people together to promote cancer prevention and collaborative studies in the Asian Pacific regions.

We believe the APOCP-13 will provide significant opportunities to exchange mutual information, ideas and achievements, and to facilitate continuous growth of APOCP activities on cancer prevention and control in this region. On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to the APOCP-13.

We are sure that your participation will ensure an invaluable learning ground and will help us make a bigger step forward in reaching a milestone. The 13th APOCP regional confrence will celebrate an important milestone for APOCP. The milestone that moves APOCP from a scientific association to an officially international cancer science organization.

Esmaeil Akbari, MD

Dr. Alireza Mosavi jarrahi, MSPH, Ph.D.

Prof. YouLin Quai, MD, Ph.D.

President, APOCP 13th Scientific Conference

President, Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention

General Secretary, Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention