History of APOCP

History of APOCP

Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP) was founded in 2000. APOCP is a non-political, non-profit organization to promote cancer prevention and collaborative studies in the Asia Pacific region. The aims of APOCP are to provide opportunities for expert researchers to exchange mutual information for cancer prevention, to promote collaborative studies on cancer epidemiology and prevention, and to facilitate the implementation of active programs for cancer prevention.

The General Assembly and Regional Conferences are the APOCP’s contribution to the aim of cancer control throughout Asia and Pacific region.

The general assembly meeting and conferences are a biannual event in which the Last one was held in April 2016, Brisbane Australia and the next one will be held on April 2018 in Jeju, South Korea.   The first regional meeting was held in Ezmir Turkey in 2003 and the latest one was held in Nov. 2015 in Tehran, Iran. 

Honorary President, past General Assemblies

Kazuo Tajima, Nagoya, Japan (2002)
Yoon-Ok Ahn, Seoul, Korea (2004)
Thiravud Khuhaprema, Bangkok, Thailand (2006)
Youlin Qiao, Beijing, China (2008)
Nejat Ozgul, Istanbul, Turkey (2010)
Cheng-Har Yip, Kuching, Malaysia (2012)
Chien-Jen Chen, Taipei, Taiwan (2014)
Jeff Dunn, Brisbane, Australia (2016)

Honorary President, past Regional Meeting 

MohammadEsmaeil Akbari, Iran (2015)
Nguyen Duc Hinh, Vitnam (2014)
C-H Yip, Malaysia (2012)
Eun-Cheol Park, Korea (2011)
Y. Qiao, China (2008)
S. Tokudome, Japan (2006)
F.M. Ghanaei, Iran (2005)
Bhuddhisawasdi, Thailand (2004)
G. Aylemir, Turkey (2003)

APOCP Regional Chairperson

Nobuyuki Hamajima (Japan)
Young Joon Surh (Korea)
Wanqing Chen (China)
Li-Yu Wang (Taiwan)
Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi (Iran)
Elsayed Salim Arab (Countries)
Suleeporn Sangrajrang (Thailand)
Evlina Suzanna (Indonesia)
Maqsood Siddigi (India)
Le Tran Ngoan (Vietnam)
Shamsul Azar Shah (Malaysia)
Guledal Boztas (Turkey)
Nurbek Igissinov (Central Asia)
MA Kayani (Pakistan (invited))

Further information about APOCP, please write e.mail to waocp.e.@gmail.com.