The 10th APOCP GA -Environmental & Occupational Cancer Sessions Nov. 21 – 23, 2020.

The Environmental and Occupational Cancer Seminar

It is our pleasure to inform you that The International Environment and Occupation Cancer Seminar will be from November 21th to 23th, 2020. Since the foundation of APOCP in 2000, we have brought people together to promote cancer prevention and collaborative studies in the Asian Pacific regions. But now due to the spread of the corona virus and the inability to gather scientists and students in person, We have to hold this seminar virtually and in the form of a webinar.
We believe the The International Environment and Occupation Cancer Seminar will provide significant opportunities to exchange mutual information, ideas and achievements, and to facilitate continuous growth of activities on Environmental and Occupational cancer prevention and control in the World. On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to the virtual gathering.
We are sure that your participation will ensure an invaluable learning ground and will help us make a bigger step forward in reaching a milestone. The seminar will celebrate an important milestone for APOCP. The milestone that moves APOCP from a scientific association to an officially international cancer science organization.
The Environmental & Occupational Cancer Seminar will be held  on Nov. 21st, 22nd, and 23rd each day starting at 11:00 Tehran times and ending at 13:30

The Environmental and Occupational Cancer Seminar will cover the the following topics.

      1. Carcinogenicity mechanism
      2. CAREX and risk estimation
      3. Carcinogens in occupational  setting
      4. Climate change and cancer burden

To participate, see the participate and registration tab in this page.

Plenaries and Scientific Committee

Members of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Hanns Moshammer

Environmental Epidemiology

Dr. Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi


Prof. Tran Ngoan Le

Occupational Health

Prof. Oral Ataniyazova

Environmental Epidemiology

Saeed Yari

Occupational Health

Prof. Narges Khanjani

Environmental Epidemiology


There will be three sessions for this theme.  The sessions will be held in the consequent days (November 21-23, 2020).  Each session will last two and half hours starting at 11:00 AM and ending at 1:30 PM Tehran time.  You can refer to this link to determine the time of the seminar in your country. 

The presentation format: 

In each session,  Each session. three keynote speeches (for 45 Minutes) and  up to  9 presentation from scientists who have submitted abstract.  The last 10 minutes of the session will be allocated to question and answer where participants can have their question addressed to presenter to answer.

Session Agenda:

Detailed session agenda of the meeting will be prepared as soon as the scientific committee has selected the abstracts fr oral presentations.

There are three categories of participants:

  1. Participant who want to have a live presentation in the meeting.  These participant need to send an abstract for the meeting.  Abstract will be evaluated and decided on. Abstract accepted for oral pretension will have the chance to present live online live. Accepted abstract must be presented during the session and already have his slides prepared and sent to organizing committee for preparation. The details on how to prepare the presentation will be sent to the applicant later. To send abstract, please click on this link, register and then you will be prompted for abstract submission.

Click to submit your abstract
  1. Participant that will present offline (a kind of poster presentation). Abstract that have been accepted as poster presentation, must be prepared a  PDF file (structural wise the same as regular abstract but size-wise like regular PDF file of few pages-). Author can add voice or video to the file if he or she desire to.  All the accepted abstracts and generated pdf will be published and received DOI as the conference’s abstract book. To send abstract, please click on this link, register and then you will be prompted for abstract submission.

    Click to submit your abstract
  2. Participant who just want to participate with no presentation. This category of participant must register with meeting to participate.  There is no registration fee for participation. Each session is limited to 100 participants.  Due to technical limitation, the first come first serve strategy will be apply. The fist comer those who register for the meeting earlier. To register,  please click on this link.

    Click here to register abstract

Young Investigator Awards

In order to encourages young investigators to present their research, there will be three award of 500 US dollars to be given to three young scientists with the best presentation in the three categories of the scientific theme. A panel of experts who constitute the prize committee will decide on selecting the candidate for the prize. The candidate will be selected from those who present their research either live or offline. The decision about the candidate will be announced at the APOCP’s general assembly and the closing ceremony on last day of the event.