The Rescheduled 10th APOCP GA Conference

As the COVID 19 challenges us all and almost everywhere with no sight of ceasing the grip in coming months, The need to adapt and tailor the new reality to our plan and strategies is a must.  For this, the organizing committee of 10th APOCP GA and scientific meeting has decided to reschedule the meeting late Nov. and early Dec. 2020 as an online event.

The event covers the four main themes agreed on the postponed meeting.  The four themes will be independently managed into four online meeting at different times. 

To address the wide range of time zones (to make sure participants from different countries can participate in a convenient time of a day), the event agenda will be broken down on four themes scheduled into to several online meetings of 2 hours duration during the months of November and December, 2020.

(The online event substitutes the APOCP’s planned meeting that was cancelled and wishfully planned for “when the flu season is over and corona is gone”. The flu season is over but the corona is not gone!!!!. )