Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP) is a non-political, non-profit organization to promote cancer prevention and collaborative studies in the Asia Pacific region. The aims of APOCP are to provide opportunities for expert researchers to exchange mutual information for cancer prevention, to promote collaborative studies on cancer epidemiology and prevention, and to facilitate the implementation of active programs for cancer prevention. The Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP) and its official journal the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention (APJCP) were established in the lead up to the new century by a group of Japanese Professors very active in cancer research. The two main fields to be covered were cancer epidemiology and toxicological pathology but this soon was expanded to cover all areas pertinent to cancer control programs. By reaching out to the cancer research community across the Asia-Pacific a consensus was reached to make an official launch at the Founding Conference of the APOCP in Thailand in 2000, attended by delegates from Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, New Zealand, the USA and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Through contacts with the IARC the journal was chosen to be one of the official journals of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) and this led to a close co-operation which continued until 2015 and included publication of “Cancer Registration in Asia in the Year 2000 – Past, Present and Future” and a special “History of the IACR” supplement. The main activities of APOCP has been the holding of scientific conferences and publication of its journal (The Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention). The General Assembly and Regional Conferences are APOCP’s contribution to the goal of cancer control throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  The General Assembly meeting and conference is a biennial event in which the first one was held in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. The ninth and most recent general assembly meeting was held in April 2018, in Jeju South Korea. The 10th general assembly was scheduled for April 2020 in Kish Island in Iran however due to CRONA Pandemic, the General Assembly was held as online confrence. For more details of the meetings click here. The Regional Conferences are on-demand scientific conferences held in different parts of the Asia-Pacific region. So far, APOCP has held nine regional scientific conferences. The first regional conference was held in Izmir, Turkey in 2003 and the most recent was held in 2015 in Tehran, Iran. The next regional meeting is scheduled for 24-27 Oct., 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. For more details of the regional meeting click here.  The Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention is the official publication of APOCP. The Journal started publishing in 2000 and since then has contributed close to 9000 articles to the scientific community in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the primary goal APOCP is to promote the scientific stance of its journal (APJCP) and in this endeavor is glad to seek help from all scientists in the region who can contribute to this end. At present, APOCP publishes three Journals. To learn more please click here.

The Administrative Structure of APOCP

APOCP is a non-political, not-for-profit organization with the aim of promoting cancer prevention and collaborative researchers in the Asia-Pacific region. The organization was founded in 2000 by a group of cancer scientists from different countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2015, APOCP established its west Asia Chapter named as West Asia Organization for Cancer Prevention- WAOCP. APOCP’s administrative structure includes :
  • Executive Committee
  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Chairs of subcommittees
  1. Educational Committee
  2. Public relation committee.
  3. Research Committee
  4. Fundraising committee
The relationship among different components of the administrative structure is governed by the APOCP’s By-Law. Th West Asia Organization for Cancer Prevention (WAOCP): The West Asia Organization for Cancer Prevention (WAOCP) was founded in November 2015 as a chapter of APOCP. The decision to establish a subsidiary of APOCP was initiated at the 9th regional meeting of APOCP in Tehran, Iran. In 2016, the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention re-established in Tehran and it became necessary to develop a legal entity to manage APOCP’s West Asia Chapter and the journal’s day-to-day tasks and activities. For this reason, WAOCP, a not-for-profit organization, was registered in the City of Sabzevar, Iran in 2017 (with registration number 466 and administrative ID number of 14009995354). WAOCP follows the same goals and objectives as its chief organization, APOCP. WAOCP is responsible for managing the APOCP’s publications. َAPOCP websites: The WAOCP.org and WAOCP.com are the registered domain names for West Asia Organization for Cancer Prevention (WAOCP).  APOCP.info is the registered domain names for Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP).  All the domains point to the same site and database.