Cancer Registry Report Guideline

APJCP was lunched in 2000 and soon was nominated as the official publication of the International Association of Cancer Registries. As a medium to publish papers from different scientists in Asia, the journal has been receiving and publishing the report of cancer registries as its favorite papers. The journal is proud to announce  that during the last 20 years of activities has published report from almost all existing cancer registries in different countries of Asia and Pacific region.

As the number of registries has been growing very recently (thanks to the IARC’s lunch of Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development –GICR) in our region, APJCP is receiving many papers reporting initial/interim result of cancer registries. There are unrepresented variations in reporting quality and structure.  There is a need to develop an instrument/tool and guideline to communicate with those preparing such a manuscript to help prepare more comparable reports and contents.  To develop this tool, the journal editorial team has planned to develop a guideline on how to prepare a manuscript for publication of cancer registry reports in scientific journals.

Aim: To develop a guideline on how to prepare a manuscript that reports results of initial or interim report of cancer registry.

Methods: The development of the guideline includes the following steps:

    • A comprehensive literature search of published similar guideline (has already been done)

    • Preparation of a initial draft of the guideline by a core working group
    • A scientific committee consisting of cancer epidemiologist, journal editors to ratify the guideline
    • An online workshop to finalize the guideline.

Sponsor: West Asia Organization for Cancer Prevention (the West Asia’s APOCP chapter).in