A brief report of the 10th APOCP GA and scientific conference, Tehran Iran

A brief report on the successes we had during the conference:

  1. From Nov. 20th to Dec. 9th, more than 900 person-hours of meeting was accumulated in 14 sessions and 101 presentations and 20 keynote speeches.
  2. Scientists from 48 countries participated in the event.
  3. The meeting’s young investigator prizes awarded to Sakhanov Sauirbai from Kazakhstan in the category of “Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention”, Dr. Zinab Seddiqi from India and Dr. Nader Sadigh from Iran in the category of “Cancer Genetics and Molecular Aspect”, and Saeed Yari  from Iran in the category of “Occupational and Environmental Cancer”.
  4. The presentation by Dr. Gevorg Tamamyan titled “Cancer control and crevention in Armenia” was chosen as the BEST PRESENTATION OF THE EVENT for its comprehensiveness, informativeness and conciseness. (an unedited audio and video of the presentation is shared here).
  5. A strong joint session with ANCCA addressed the COVID-19 and cancer prevention (bringing delegates from 15 Cancer Institutes throughout Asia presenting their cancer control activities during the pandemic – learning how robots could come to help to keep the COVID-19 driven protocols on check and the routines of cancer service on a running state (make sure you look at the Singapore experience in cancer service delivery – how robot keep helping. Just visit this site: APOCP joint ANCCA event
  6. The West Asia chapter of APOCP had a special session on “Cancer in West and Central Asia” and we decided to have an onsite regional meeting of APOCP in 2021 in Astana (Kazakhstan). Dr. Nurbek will arrange the meeting (pending on COVID-19 status). Click to access the contents of Cancer in West and Central Asia.
  7. The editorial board members of the APOCP journals participated in a public online capacity building session. The sessions are now online and shared with the public. You can utilize the session here.

The 11th general assembly and scientific conferences of APOCP is scheduled for 2022. The country of hosting and the time of the 11th will soon be announced.