Minutes from the APOCP EC meeting Jan. 21st, 2022

The online APOCP executive committee meeting was held on Friday Jan 21st, 2022 and the following points were presented and discussed.

  • The meeting started on time and Prf. Sidiqi announced the details the 11th General Assembly of APOCP meeting which is going to be held in Kolkata on Dec. 8-10, 2022. It was suggested the following topics to be incorporated and addressed in the program of the meeting:
    • WHO Program on Cervical Cancer Elimination
    • Carcinogens Exposure (CAREX Asia Initiative)
    • COVID/ Cancer (experience and lesson learned)/ Future pandemic
  • The future of APOCP’s administrative structure was discussed. While the need of APOCP having an administrative structure was shared by all the member, the difficulty of establishing an international NGO was discussed and the following suggestion were noted for further exploring:
    • Establishment of an Official NGO in a country that allow full ownership of the NGO to a foreign passport. Prof. Moore suggested Kazakhstan with such a possibility. The possibility will be further explored and discussed in the EC meeting in Kolkata on the Dec. meeting.
    • Establishment of local office with local authority was another suggestion and to be explored for future actions.
  • The problem with the loss of APJCP’s Science Citation Indexing (SCI) was addressed. The need to claim back the APJCP SCI status was shared with all the EC members. It was suggested to explore the possibilities and discus the problem with UICC and IARC and seek their help in supporting the journal to claim back its SCI status.

The following EC member participated in the meeting:

  • Prof. Malcolm Moore (Thailand)
  • Prof. Maqsood Siddiqi (APOCP President – India)
  • Prof. David Roder (Australia)
  • Prof. Suleeporn Sangrajrang (Thailand)
  • Prof. Chen Chien-Jen (Taiwan)
  • Prof. LanTran Ngoan (Vietnam)
  • Prof. Keun-Young Yoo (S. Korea)
  • Prof.  Murat Gultekin (Turkey)
  • Prof. Shahid Pervez (Pakistan)
  • Prof. Shamsul Azhar (Malaysia
  • Prof. Chenghar.yip (Malaysia)
  • Prof.  Mosavi jarrahi (Iran)

Prof. K. Tajima made several attempts to connect to the meeting, but he was unable to attend due to technical difficulty.

Dr. Nobuyu Hamahjima and Dr. Manani Inoue canceled their attendance in advance of the meeting due to other commitments.

Other EC members, while expressing interest prior to the meeting to attend, were unable to attend.

The full details of the meeting can be accessed at the following address: