The 2nd CAREX Asia Initiative Symposium, Nov. 28-30, Jeju Island, S. Korea

The 2nd Symposium on “CAREX Asia Initiative” will be held on Nov. 29th in Jeju Iland, South Korea. The Symposium is part of “the 27th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention”. The Symposium will cover many aspects of carcinogen exposure throughout Asia and the Pacific. Scientist from IARC, APOCP and CAREX Canada will discuss many aspects of exposure to known carcinogen.  The “CAREX Asia Initiative” was lunched on 2020 at the 10th APOCP General Assembly. The first symposium was held in the Dec. 15th to Dec 20th, 2020, in Tehran, Iran. At the first meeting of the “CAREX Asia Initiative” it was decided to have a regular and recurring symposium in the future. The Korean Society of Cancer Prevention (KSCP) hosting the “The 2nd CAREX Asia Initiative Symposium, Nov. 29th, Seol, S. Korea“.