The 10th APOCP GA -Cancer Genetics & Molecular Sessions Nov. 27-29, 2020.

Cancer Genetics and Molecular Aspect

As the COVID 19 challenges us all and almost everywhere with no sight of ceasing the grip in coming months, The need to adapt and tailor the new reality to our plan and strategies is a must.  For this, the organizing committee of 10th APOCP GA and scientific meeting has decided to reschedule the meeting for late Nov. and early Dec. 2020 as an online event.
The event covers the three main themes  of “the postponed meeting ” PLUS another extra session on “Cancer Control amid the COVID-19 pandemic”.  The COVID-19 sessions will be announced soon

The Cancer Genetics and Molecular Aspect Sessions will be held  on Nov. 27-29, 2020 each day starting at 11:00 Tehran times and ending at 13:30

The Cancer Genetics and Molecular Aspect Session will cover the the following topics.

        1. Molecular aspect of carcinogenicity
        2. Oxidative stress and malignancy transformation
        3. In vitro anti cancer agents
        4. Cancer biology
        5. Stem cell and cancer Cancer vaccines
        6. Chimo-prevntion

To participate,  see the participate and registration tab in this page.

There will be three sessions for this theme.  The sessions will be held in the consequent days (Nov. 27-29, 2020).  Each session will last two and hlef hours starting at 11:00 AM and ending at 1:30 PM Tehran time.  You can refer to this link to determine the time of the seminar in your country. 

The presentation format: 

In each session, there will be three keynote speeches (each 15 minutes for 45 Minutes) and  up to  9 presentations from scientists who have submitted abstract.  The last 10 minutes of the session will be allocated to questions and answers where participants can have their questions addressed to presenter to answer.

Session Agenda:

Detailed agenda the sessions  of the meeting will be prepared as soon as the scientific committee has selected the abstracts for oral presentations.

Young Investigator Awards

In order to encourages young investigators to present their research, there will be three award of 500 US dollars to be given to three young scientists with the best presentation in the three categories of the scientific theme. A panel of experts who constitute the prize committee will decide on selecting the candidate for the prize. The candidate will be selected from those who present their research either live or offline (the poster type). The decision about the candidate will be announced at the APOCP’s general assembly and the closing ceremony on the last day of the event.