The Second Round of the Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Internship

The second Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Internship (the round 2) is scheduled to be stated on Dec. 2023 and lasts up to July 2024. The internship is arranged as a collaboration agreement between the West Asia Organization and Cancer Prevention, The APOCP’s West Asia Chapter, and the Department of Health Administration, University of Sharjah, UAE. Overview: The internship program, focuses on systematic review and meta-analysis, is crafted to guide aspiring interns through the entire process of selecting a suitable research topic, conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis, and ultimately publishing their findings. This program is structured into two main modules: 1) Educational and Lecture-Based module and 2) Practical and Supportive module when each inter is assigned an experience assistant to guide him through all steps of undertaking a systematic and meta analysis research. Read more about the internship